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Search Engine Prominence

A strong showing in the Google Maps 3-Pack is aided by a highly optimized website that produces a variety of organic search results.

Local Mobile Search Marketing - GMB Local Search

Geo-Location and Proximity

The geo-location of the searcher and their proximity to your business location plays a big role in the results. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show up in the ‘snack pack’ if you aren’t near the web searcher.

Local SEO Agency -GMB Local Search

Proven Process

Our detailed process has helped 100s of businesses over more than a decade. From Google Local to Google Places to now Google My Business, we have worked with it all.

Search Engine Marketing - GMB Local Search

FAST Results

Each client-case is different based on a multitude of factors ranging from competition, to current website, business location and more. But massive increases in Google Maps and Google Search can happen literally overnight.

Technical SEO and Website Analytics - GMB Local Search

Analytics and Adjustments

Monitoring the presence of your website in the SERPs and making constant updates and tweaks based on the data will make your search marketing results last.

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Customer Reviews

Happy customers sharing their experience online will drive business and increase your rankings. Our methods help you increase review rates and mitigate less than perfect experiences before they affect your aggregate ratings.

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Search Engine Marketing

You don’t need big budgets to advertise effectively. In fact, tiny budgets for internet advertising can make HUGE impacts on revenues.

Local SEO - GMB Local Search

Organic and Maps Position

Our goal is to get your business to the #1 ranking in both the organic search results and in Google Maps. And that powerful combination is attainable.


Local Search Engine Optimization is Different and More Important than Traditional SEO

Let me explain. Both Local SEO and Traditional SEO are very important. But the processes, while similar in many ways, are vastly different in others. For years, web developers and SEO agencies followed a pretty standard blueprint when building a website. And rarely would they deviate from that plan no matter if the business was a ‘Mom and Pop’ on the corner in the local town, a franchise with multiple locations, or a major brand more concerned with awareness and brand building.

And because of this, as the search engines have evolved and become better at determining what is a helpful and valuable website, many businesses suffer organic traffic reductions whenever Google updates their algorithm and site owners are often left wondering why.

Bad business processes, unethical SEO tactics, and poor site content and structure are almost wholly to blame for the reduction in organic traffic after a Google update.

The Rise of Local SEO and Proximity Search

Why is Local SEO important? Because 80% of discretionary income is spent within 20 miles of where a person lives. Think about that. That is a HUGE number. And while the number may decrease some in the coming years, currently 90% of purchases take place in physical stores.

Here are a few more sobering statistics:

  • 86% of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business
  • 72% of consumers say a search engine is their first choice to find a local business
  • 29% of consumers use a search engine to search for a local business EVERY WEEK

And more often than not, Google is that search engine. 93% of all internet traffic comes through search engines. Google accounts for 76% of desktop searches and 86% of mobile searches.

Google Local, Google Maps, Google Places, Google+, and Google My Business (GMB)

Google realized the value in local search very early on. Yelp wasn’t far behind. And since then so many different tech startups have entered, and many left, the market vying for the attention and dollars of businesses and consumers alike. Google has been the major constant. Effectively starting the trend and still leading the pack after 16 years.

Google’s local search products have gone through many iterations and updates. New features have been added, algorithm changes occur many times daily with occassional major shifts announced and implemented, e.g. Penguin, Fred, Bert, Broad Core, etc. But their local search platform continues to lead all its competitors and is unquestionably the ‘gold standard’ of Local Search.

It is the continued dominance of the Local Search market by Google that led our agency to drastically shift to a singular focus, and that is Local SEO. Our agency has spent more than a decade working with the variety of Google local search properties and it is with these properties that we have witnessed some of the biggest gains for our clients and the unquestioned highest ROI.

By following the best practices preached by Google and not looking for ‘quick SEO wins’ that border on the unethical, we haven’t had to worry about angry clients losing ground in Local Search after an algorithm change.

We are Google My Business Optimization Experts and if you are ready to drastically increase your sales, leads, and inquiries for your local business, then click the button below to send GMB Local Search a message to schedule a FREE consultation.

Are You Ready to Increase Calls & Leads for Your Local Business? Click to Schedule a FREE Consultation!

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